Semester 1 Newsletter 2023

Dear CAPS Coolgardie family, friends and community,

I write to you in a Spirit of Thankfulness! 

This email is in three parts; 

(1) Gratitude for what we have achieved ‘Together’, a 

(2) Picture of our approach to ‘Education’, and 

(3) Health research about ‘Being Thankful’


Your children are a blessing to us, and our commitment is for CAPS to be a blessing for them. They are deeply valued and appreciated. 

We are mindful every day that it is a privilege and honour for CAPS to be entrusted with the education and care of your children. 

The staff and I love hearing their stories of home, and totally understand why they miss you and their community. 

When meeting together at weekly assemblies, I often remind them we create community together. 

What we have at CAPS and in life, is what we make happen, and what we let happen. 

We see our young people as Australia’s future leaders.

(1) Gratitude for what we have achieved together in the first half of this year

+ The Board recently shared our clear vision at CAPS. 
+ It's 'to be a lighthouse in Christian education, growing and adapting to meet the needs of Aboriginal (First Nations) students.'

+ We celebrated NAIDOC Week on Friday 23rd of June (due to school holidays). Honouring our Elders. 

+ We had a Sorry Day event to remember the past, and be encouraged to shape the future.
+ Staff have been praying for your children (our students) every week.
+ Graffiti from past years has been removed.
+ We have re-written our Behaviour Management Policy to encourage and affirm RESPECT; to each other and our environment. 
+ Planning is underway to replace old school furniture.
+ Planning has commenced to place banks of laptop computers in every class to support learning.
+ Inter-Schools Carnivals; Basketball and Football. 

+ Bush Rangers Camp to Esperance where students learned from Aboriginal Rangers at Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (ETNTAC) about the importance of conservation and how Bush Rangers can support the land and community.

+ Partnership with Royal Life Saving to run a whole school ‘Swim & Survive program’.

+ Students participated in ‘Youth Gym Program’ at the Coolgardie Recreation Centre.

+ Trips to Esperance; Hostel, Music & Service to Community.

+ Winning a grant for an Arts Project that links our students directly with inspiring Aboriginal Arts experts. 
+ We have created a picture of ‘Education at CAPS Coolgardie’. It is only a draft at this stage. Your thoughts are welcome. 

(2) Picture of our approach to Education at CAPS Coolgardie

(3) Health research about ‘Being Thankful’ (Gratitude)

Professor Robert Emmon is a highly respected Professor of Psychology, arguably the western world’s leading Academic in understanding the benefits of gratitude. He is also a committed Christian. In one of Professor Emmon’s articles, he summarizes key scientific findings from the field of Positive Psychology. (Ref:

  • Religious faith matters.

People for whom FAITH is important are happier and cope better with stress.

  • Happiness is a cause of good things in life, and not simply a result of success or good outcomes.

Happy people make good things happen.

  • Happiness, strength of character and good social relationships are buffers against the damaging effects of disappointment and setbacks.
  • Most people (including our students) are happy.

Character contributes to wellbeing.

  • Good days have common features, namely; increased feelings of control, increased competence, and being connected to others.
  • Money makes an ever-diminishing contribution to wellbeing, but money can buy happiness if it is spent on other people.
  • Most children are resilient.

They bounce back from adversity, large and small.

  • A ‘good life’ can be taught.  

We can gain encouragement from the Bible: 

(2 Tim 1:7)

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.'

Finally, if you have thoughts about our displayed model, please email me directly at

We are committed to helping our students (your children) gain the best education they need for their future. 

With appreciation for you and your family, and on behalf of all staff,


Des Mitchell


Photos of activities at CAPS Coolgardie












Complaint Information

CAPS is compliant with the Registration requirements applicable for all schools in the State of WA.  If a concern hasn't been satisfactorily resolved following CAPS Coolgardie's complaints policy, it may be further elvated to the Office of Non-Government in the Department of Education. 

“The Director General of the Department of Education is responsible for ensuring Western Australian schools observes the registration standards, including the standard about its complaints handling system. Any student, parent or community member is entitled to contact the Director General with concerns about how the school has dealt with a complaint. Information is available on the Department of Education website.   

CAPS 40th Anniversary 2021 (29-31/10/2021)

CAPS Coolgardie is excited to celebrate this joyous occasion with everyone! The events will start from Friday, 29/10/2021 to Sunday 31/10/2021. Make sure you invite your family and friends to join us here at CAPS Coolgardie, 85/93 Lindsay Street, Coolgardie during this period.

Please see posters attached for more information.

On Friday, 29/10/2021, we will kick start our Gospel Night event from 5.30pm to late. Come join us for the evening with your family and friends to sing and hear the Gospel. BBQ will be provided.

On Saturday, 30/10/2021, our morning is filled with a 'Welcome day' at our 'CAPS Multi-Function Centre' on Lindsay Street from 9am onwards, followed by events happening at CAPS Coolgardie where children can come play on the Bouncy castles, do face painting and much more. Do come and support us as we fundraise for our CAPS Coolgardie 'End of Year' Camps through various food and drinks stalls, show bag stalls and bookshop being held at the school. The event concludes at about 1.30pm.

From 6pm-late, we will be having our CAPS Coolgardie dinner at the 'CAPS Multi-Function Centre'.

If you are interested to come for the 3-course dinner on Saturday, 30/10/2021, please RVSP your tickets with Vashti S at 0890938000 or

Lastly, if you can't make it for Friday and Saturday events, don't fret. You can join us on Sunday at 9.30am for Church Service at the 'CAPS Multi-Function Centre'.


Enrolments at CAPS Coolgardie

If you are a prospecting parent or carer looking for a school for your child, CAPS Coolgardie could be the school you are looking for! Please call the school on 08 9093 8000 if you want an enrolment application form sent to you. This form can also be found on this site.

After you fill out and send an enrolment application form with supporting documents to the school, the Principal will agree to a time of interview with you and your child; in person, or on the phone. Supporting documents are: Health Care Card, Medicare Card, your child's immunisation records, copy of the most recent school report and copy of his/her birth certificate.

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