Secondary School

Secondary Classes

Our Secondary Classes are made up of composite classes, which cater for the following students based on literacy & numeracy stages so we can best cater for their learning needs; Mark (Year 7-8), Luke (Year 7-9), John  (Year 9-10), Alpha (Year 10-11) and Omega Class (Year 12).  

As shown by research, a composite class is a game changer when it comes to students learning experiences. It enhances students’ learning development in numerous ways and is beneficial to both older and younger students. For example, students are provided with differentiated learning activities that are aimed at meeting or extending their individual learning needs. The older students take on the mentoring role and benefit from helping younger students during collaborative learning teams. Younger students integrate quickly into well-established class routines as modeled by older students and benefit from the support given by both the teacher and their peers. This results in students developing greater respect for individual differences across the board.  

Literacy and Numeracy

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Term Dates

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