Visual Arts


All students participate in a weekly, one- or two-hour lesson; this includes the exploration of ideas and conventions of different cultures and times, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks. For high school divisions students in years 11 and 12 are enrolled in WACE art subjects, such as Visual Arts. The main emphasis is on use of materials, techniques and processes to explore visual conventions. The students learn the importance of Visual Arts as an equivalent means of communication in comparison to other conventional means. Our intent is to establish an Arts Centre in the near future. The Centre would serve the community as a gallery, as well as a place to encourage students to be involved in meaningful activities that enhance and build their characters to become responsible citizens. In addition, all students present work at the annual CAPS Coolgardie Art Exhibition. 


Visual Arts establishes confidence in the students to present artworks and to describe how they have used visual conventions, and exposes them to four teaching strategies: Guided Activity, Guided Exploration, Focused Exploration and Free Exploration. This vision is achieved, in part, through excursions that provide exposure to galleries, workshops, exhibitions and national / international arts activities for children. 

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