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The aim for CAPS Coolgardie is to disciple each student with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The purpose of CAPS Coolgardie is to see students discover God and be transformed through an exploration of themselves and His world so that they fulfill His purpose for them according to their gifts and talents.

The school motto “A school that builds character” represents how all staff, parents/guardians and students grow together in Christ. This character building encourages the students to grow towards a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as well as their friends, families and teachers.

Principal's Message

CAPS Coolgardie's focus is to raise the English and Maths standards of our students. CAPS staff encourages and challenges each student to reach full potential by providing meaningful learning programs. However, English and Maths results are not the only way in which to judge a student’s talent. It is the CAPS belief that every child is gifted, but these gifts have to be nurtured to become talents. At CAPS, all children have a right to develop their gifts in a safe and supportive environment. All students at CAPS Coolgardie are gifted and talented.

I would like to invite all students to apply for a primary or secondary position here at CAPS because all staff endeavor to provide a safe, caring and supportive learning environment where students can grow in Christ as well as academic ability.

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