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Diversity is valued at CAPS Coolgardie and our team and students reflect this. When you come to CAPS you see the world with teachers drawn from many nationalities coming to Coolgardie to be a part of an amazing school. The strong family-feeling at CAPS means students can be themselves to develop the confidence and skills that is uniquely theirs. They are guided by a school experience that values each student’s gifts and practices the true meaning of self determination through our values, educational program and parent-directed Aboriginal board.

Life-long learning is encouraged at CAPS Coolgardie by the board, School Principal and the teaching staff. School Principal, Kurtis Leslie encourages life-long learning amongst both teachers and students with stimulation and a desire to learn fostered. An Aboriginal man from NSW and born in the USA, Kurtis has a Master of Education degree from UWA, has studied at the University of New Mexico through an exchange program, and along with the board has a vision of fostering a sustainable culture for the next generation of indigenous students striving to meet their full potential.

Family links between the parent-directed board and the school are long cherished and fully embedded in the operation and values of CAPS Coolgardie. Parent and past CAPS Coolgardie student Priscilla Tucker whose parents were founding members of CAPS believes the strong values of the school’s Christian heritage helps students make the right choices in finding and following their paths.

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